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National Water Resources Model (DK-model)

Previously, it was thought that the groundwater supplies in Denmark were well protected from pollution due to the depth of the groundwater reservoirs and the thickness of overlying clays. However, the weaknesses of this philosophy have during recent years been heavily exposed, primarily caused by the detection of an increasing amount of contaminants like pesticides in groundwater. The limitations that the increasing contaminant load sets on the exploitation of the groundwater resources put at the same time additional focus on the size and distribution of the resources. The Department of Hydrology therefore was contracted by the Minestry of Environment and Energy to develop and apply a water resources model for the entire country (45,000 km2) during the period 1996-2000. Furthermore the idea is, by combining the DK-model with results from the groundwater level monitoring network, to integrate the monitoring of resources in the groundwater quality monitoring program, in order to assess the Danish water resources with respect to quantity, quality and protection.

The project has 4 main objectives:

  • Knowledge of groundwater recharge processes. Understanding of the processes controlling groundwater recharge and parameter quantification. This includes a.o. a Ph.D. study in groundwater recharge processes
  • Nationwide groundwater resources model. Set-up of a physical based MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 hydrological modeling system using a grid size of 1 km2 and a vertical discretization  into 9-16 layers in order to describe groundwater recharges to both shallow and deep aquifers. The major flow processes of the entire land phase of the hydrological cycle is included.
  • Groundwater resource monitoring. Reorganization and optimization of the national groundwater level monitoring network with 12 new on-line station and 35 stations equipped with dataloggers.
  • MIKE SHE development. Further development, implementation and testing of the MIKE SHE system. Four new models will be developed for MIKE SHE: a Geoeditor for preprocessing of 3-D geological models based on well-log data and geophysical data, new GIS tools including an unsaturated zone editor (UZ editor), a finite element solver for MIKE SHE in order to allow further discretizations of calculation network along rivers and groundwater abstraction wells, and a saltwater/freshwater modul by implementing HST3D in MIKE SHE.

Further reading and links:

Danish water resources problems and background for the National Water Resources Model:
GEOLOGY, news from GEUS, no. 2, 1997:

A list of posters and abstracts (in English) on the DK-model is available at:

What is MIKE SHE? MIKE SHE overview can be obtained from DHI, Institute of Water and Environment's homepage: .

MIKE SHE software: Look at .

Geoeditor: There is a specific link describing the Geoeditor module for editing of geological model based on well log data and geophysical data:  .

You may also find information on MIKE 11 from DHI's homepage at: .

Download fact sheet "National Water Resources Model"
fs_national_water_model..pdf  (339 k)

DK-model for Jutland

The model development for the DK-model for Jutland is to a great extent based on the experiences from the DK-model for Funen and Zealand. Due to the Development of new facilities in the numerical model and due to the special conditions in Jutland; some changes in the model setup have been made. The most important changes are:

  • A new method for representing the geological model and the computational layers in the model
  • Irrigation is included in the model as extra precipitation and abstraction from irrigation wells
  • Stream flows are described using the MIKE 11 system

Download status for the National Water Resources Model for Jutland (April 2000):
dk-model_for_jutland.pdf   (544 k)

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